Equal In Mastery

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On the path of your own mastery, and in this time of the great Holy Days -- Passover, Easter, Bhaisaki and Ramadan -- you are to walk into any room and make it your home . . . then enable everyone else in that room to feel at home. This is the ‘Way of the Way’ as prescribed in the Tao; it’s the ‘Middle Path’ of the great Buddha; it’s the ‘Shunya - Zero-point’ of Guru Nanak, and it’s the compassion of the 'Other Cheek’ of Jesus . . . the ‘Way of Peace’ of Mohammid. Outside this one tenet from each major religion, there’s no other prescription for living in the light of the Master’s enlightenment. All religions, in their essence, were born of -- “How can I serve you?” And in this service there’s never hierarchy -- none of the congregants; none of the aspirants, and none of the leadership are anything other than equal to the prophet and equally partaking of the prophecy.

Religions were originally the gatherings of great teachings to master the Master’s mastery. None of the great masters considered themselves higher, or lower than any other life. When you read in the scriptures: “I am the way.” This simply meant that the ‘I am’ attitude in everyone -- the total self recognition -- is the 'Way'. Every early student/disciple was aware of this non-separation/non-hierarchy. It was much later, when the hierarchies -- created by the local “royalty” -- produced today’s commonly practiced separations between masters and the general populace. The original idea was for every life, in all space, and across all time to be as equals. All life outside the human hierarchy of false superiority relates to this “mono•archy” . . . a single arc of absolute equality.

Our prayer is that you consider your life as equal in its importance to all other life; that you honor this equality with your thoughts, feelings and actions; that you’re promoting this with your dreams and plans so that every part of your life is in harmony with every part of your surroundings . . . begin this in the Holy Days.

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