Unity with Commons

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Greatness is an evolutionary goal, yet higher consciousness realizes that individuals are great by creating great communities. Conscious communities use distributed leadership without hierarchies, and rely on compassion as a stimulant for growth, not competition. You’ve experienced such communities in many of your incarnations, and now you’re here to reestablish them on Earth. Historically, the word ruler was a term of measurement; it meant someone who had such value that the rest of the community would attempt to ‘measure’ up to it. It set the value of the standard and this standard became the value. In such a process, each individual is inspired to become their true identity, yet also get in touch with the true reason for gathering . . . the reality and purpose of everyone becomes equal to self-interest. This is the original meaning of the word community . . . unity with commons.

As in the original ‘multi-celled’ creatures of evolution, the collective growth factor -- and the stimulant for the collecting -- were the same. Everything was feeding everything else -- the individual was encouraged and the collection became effortless. With this as the outcome, all of the income is shared . . . the level of empathy understands that whatever affects the community, is experienced by each individual, individually. On this planet Earth, the ice ages changed all this, and carnivorous competition for surviving replaced the plant based cooperation for thriving. Under this falsehood, which no longer has any reason to exist -- other than habit -- the efforts of the individual are held individually, and the fantasy of ownership is now worshipped. Ones who collect the most are encouraged to amass more . . . not share. Everything about such systems, circle the false sense of scarcity, and the need to hoard more than is needed. The consequence of this impoverished consciousness is the poverty and depletion that’s now here on Earth.

Our prayer is that you see right through the fantasies in this, and begin producing the reality of conscious community . . . unity with commons. Teach that when power is distributed it's empathy, not weakness.

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