Understand the Workings

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Physical matter is the conscious condensation of nothing . . . everything begins from this endless nothing because there’s actually no beginning at all. This is just the way it is. This physical matter is condensed into existence by the nature of four conscious qualities: tension; pressure; stress, and friction. Wherever there's the potential for life within this matter, there's also a concentration of life force . . . of prana (Sanskrit). Prana contains four qualities of the soul: physical ease, emotional joy, mental knowing, and spiritual liberation.

Potentials for life are gathered by gravity around nourishing objects in the many star systems. Within all this -- your consciousness shapes this condensation into your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. They carry you through a physical experience with an identity surrounded by environments built by your destiny. A child becomes a sovereign being the moment the umbilical cord is cut. From this moment forward, the child's life focuses on provenance -- proving the authenticity of its existence while weaving moments from all the physical matter. This provides nourishment to the pranic field; seals life into the physical, and locates the spaces within time . . . the child unfolds its story. These stories of life make up layers upon layers . . . like topographical maps. These layers ultimately flow down through inclinations, and rise up to the elevations. The inclinations form confluences translated as attachments, and discipline climbs the elevations to create non-attachment. Becoming neutral minded in the midst of all this constant process, allows access to higher dimensions . . . allows your higher consciousness to lead the way to where all of these complexities make sense.

Our prayer is that you use your discipline to develop the skills to access this understanding of how it all works. Then, once you understand the workings, challenge yourself to work it sustainably; get the sense that you’re doing your part . . . keep on doing it, and teach it to others. Within this process, your sense of purpose, and your ultimate fulfillment are achieved.

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