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Flowers, everywhere, attract bees using cues and clues like bright colors, repeating patterns, and enticing fragrances. A new discovery shows another powerful attractor . . . electrostatic information radiates from every flower and describes -- in detail -- all of its relevant aspects. Bees, throughout the world, universally understand this digital information that's picked up by those tiny ‘hair-antennas’ covering their bodies. This information travels great distances to guide these tiny creatures to the flowers they’re seeking. Remember, there are no direction or hierarchies within the infinity of eternity. Within this endlessness, every incarnation has equal importance to share. Every bee, every flower, and every human has an equal connection to the life-force throughout the living multiverse. Attraction must be kept clear and accurate; therefore there are codes of existence that each creature carries, follows and communicates to each other . . . order then prevails in the potential for chaos.

What if humans are not the highest incarnations, but are just another one of the countless incarnations required for complete liberation? Humans primarily focus on the differences in the information around them. Other creatures tend to share differences and associate more freely with those who are different. This is actually a higher evolutionary tendency than that which is possessed by humans. Humans -- since they first evolved -- have been destroying all other animals in sight . . . believing different was dangerous. It's time to start blessing this world, and stop besieging it. It’s time to stop searching for a source of profits, and begin attracting the source of prophecy. Now is a great time to recognize that the source of life is the same source in all life -- the same soul no matter what the cover . . . no matter what the color . . . no matter the design, or the gender. Nothing defines life except life.

Our prayer is that you step into this role and begin transmitting the attractions of safety to every creature around you; then embrace each life to erase the strife, and reduce the emotions that disrupt the attractions.

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