Beyond the Limitations

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The purpose of this -- your highly advanced incarnation -- is to freely access the universal mind; to see beyond the horizon of this current life and into the vast surroundings of your collective incarnations; to see beyond the limitations of your physical world, and into the limitlessness of your infinite abilities. In this, you’re not disturbed by the echos of your thoughts of mortality; not caught up in the unresolved issues of the subconscious astral plane, but you access the lifetimes you’ve spent beyond these horizons of this universe and your current existence. Here, there are perspectives that touch civilizations who've already gone through your challenges; they have the answers for everything that’s happening on your current planet known as Earth.

The limited view from a single lifetime creates the illusion of flatness in the world; it creates the fear that there’s nothing beyond the obvious horizons of time and disables the expansion of space. But when you’re able to recreate the pure composite of your cosmological experiences and understand the spacetime beyond the horizon of this single life -- both forward and backward -- then you’re in the continuum that’s never beginning or ending, which is the only way that eternity can function . . . the only way anything can exist within it. The progression of humanity depends on this expanded vision. When the church banned such awareness -- like the political and religious fanatics in today’s world -- the advanced souls, who were bringing this information from beyond this Universe, were condemned to go into hiding, or be burned at the stake as heretics. Now the attitudes of science call your wisdom mere theory, or speculative philosophy, but it’s as sound as all of the laws of the illusion they consider three dimensional facts.

Our prayer is that you access your higher self; synchronize with this Earthly plane; extend your infinite reach while remaining grounded in your heart and gut . . . have a heart to heart with your higher self and share its wisdom with this world . . . share the space, you have the time.

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