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Chaos that tantalizes a “leadership” body is not caused by missteps -- this is calculations in a larger strategy. This is not incompetence, it’s kleptocracy -- authority accumulating wealth from confusion, misdirection and disarray. When a kleptocracy holds onto might with laws and weaponry, there’s no direct way to peacefully, or even violently create change. This is the history of countless moments. Gandhi would say, when facing the inhumane actions of the British, “I am the angriest many alive -- therefore I dare not use it violently, but it fuels my intuition and determination to succeed. When you have the energy of anger at your command, and focus its purpose with determination, it becomes the psychic wisdom of feigning.

Feigning is used by every animal except humans, it defeats a moment of potential conflict with pure solid purpose. Barbaric humans use confrontation and force . . . feigning uses conformation to the time, with reconfirmation of purpose. It’s tacking with the winds of spacetime in the presence of opposition; it allows the opposition to carry you forward to your destination. The historic nature of kleptocrats then plants violence within the nonviolence . . . a classic strategy of barbarism. But to anticipate instantaneously and respond intuitively with further feigning, becomes personally impersonal -- accurately innovative, and allows the super-anger to transform into solutions of determination. This is the weaponry of conscious, collective non-violence’ . . . this delivers peace to the future . People angling their anger away from confusion and toward pure, intuitive determination. Working with this construct, transforms moments fueled by unwieldy emotions into tools of devotion. This will be the new era of human tool-making -- from the clumsy weapons of emotional chaos, toward the mastery and enlightenment of these euphoric devotions . . . joy, ease, inspiration, enthusiasm and love.

Our prayer is that you’re on board with this inherent ability of yours, and when the ride gets scary, you’ll remember to have no other options. Be good with your anger, then transform it into determination . . . love will prevail. 

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