Magic at the Roots

GMP MAR 19 16.png

This logic dominated moment on Earth, is consumed in an obsession with the proof of LAWS . . . and the predictability of ORDER. This attitude will soon be forced from the avoidant grip of humanity as the era changes, but it won't give up without struggle. This is what we're experiencing globally, politically, religiously, culturally, socially and therefore emotionally. It's a social inversion, like the shifting of the magnetic poles, about to shift the balance of humans . . . in protection of nature. Out of sorts, is just out of touch with the magic at the roots, giving birth to the logic in the fruits.

This disconnect with nature is preempting all of the other chaotic disconnects. Now is the time when those fighting for the fruit, will be forced to honor the magic of the root, a time where those in "charge" of the laws and the order, become more lawless and chaotic to the extreme. But it's time to also investigate your own laws of order in the intimacy of your own lifestyle. Where do you contribute to this collective obsession? Where is your life adding to the vibration of desperation and hopelessness in the course of your days? And also, where are you supposedly free of this, via some form of "chosen" disconnection? Now is one of those historical moments where frustration, desperation, and hopeless disconnection -- all of which are fuels -- will not Be effective tools. They're fuels to stimulate your action over inaction; connection over disconnect, but they do not make for the intricately intuitive paths and responses that must be leveled onto this moment.

Our prayer is that you do a gut check, and consciously determine your reactions to these times; that you place yourself into a daily pattern of reset and reframe, to refrain from carrying any disconnect forward, and then use the tools at the root of all matter . . . this magic will expose itself in your silence.

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