Exponential Growth

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There’s a common denominator found in these times of exponential growth into an unknown future -- a common denominator that’s reacting with strict rules of unnatural engagement. These logical rules are made up by the head-brain’s dominance of the last one hundred and twenty-five thousand years. This common denominator is the unwillingness to release the two dimensional “laws” of logic translated from the five senses, even though the survival of the entire species may entirely depend on it. This logic of a two dimensional axis is built of strict attitudes, in a three dimensional version of limitless space that counts on a four dimensional version of measured time. This has been acting and reacting for eons, even though there's better stories, ways and methods that have gone on long before this.

These stories are often attributed to great masters and exclusive prophets who’ve lived miraculously beyond any human limits. But then the brain in the head turns these beings and their stories into anomalies, and sets them in a status and stature that's unattainable. Yet it's your own higher consciousness, acting well outside any limitations of the two, three, and four dimensions that guides your life from its loftier perspective whenever you’ve experienced the sensations of love. But for the benefit of maintaining those logical myths of loftier perspectives -- such worlds beyond logic are analyzed to death with requests for proof and authorization to secure their unproven connections. This is a world of requiring outside proof of safety in order to feel safe. This is the world that produces a rigid disciplinary father figures as the ruling "god" with super-exclusive magic.

Our prayer is that you are one of the ones who will break all these logical rules and step into the unknown world of your own higher nature; that you will welcome that which cannot be explained, for it’s here you can experience the love that requires no license; has no permit, but delivers a miraculous experience.

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