Once Upon A Time

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It’s once upon a time and you’re on the threshold of a moment that’s transforming social orders from within your imagination. Impossibilities are available as realities if you peek over the wall of your questions to discover alternatives to your beliefs. Be open and conscious to your higher awareness that’s awakening. Follow the trail of your breathing -- otherwise the connection becomes intellectual, not actual. Introduce new solutions into your space throughout time to create the new remedies that are required. This is the moment when others will also collect compassionate attitudes toward each other, and it’s up to you to teach them how these “strange” new abilities are to be used. The Earth is holding this space and you’re here to transform it. From survival reactions induced by the complete lack of hope, you’re to introduce compassionate consideration for this is the way of nature . . . and the future.

You’re here to renegotiate the fear and suffering from this moment of human agony. These are the moments written in myths from within the darkest of times. You are the characters buried amongst the layers of today’s symbology, where human destiny unfolds without the slightest interpretation from the intellect. This is the moment in the history of life, where this higher vantage will explain how advantage is not to be taken. For once an advantage is taken of one life over another, then the understanding is lost and the myth becomes just another history of loss. Then life is lost for a very long time, as the time on this planet goes dark. When the light of compassion is replaced by this darkness of competition, the mirror of life contain no reflection. The self becomes invisible in this darkness and solutions disappear amongst the angles and layers of space that’s not space, in a time without time. Then “once upon a time” won’t exist for a very long time.

Our prayer is that such a tragedy does not take place on your watch, for there’s still the slightest amount of time to reverse this trajectory. Perceive this time from your highest point of vantage and see the solutions just beyond the “wall” of protective despair.

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