Plant-Based Living

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Industrial farming of animals causes the overuse of land, fuel and water; creates massive pollution in the atmosphere and rivers; destroys precious biodiversity, and is rampantly deforesting the entire planet. It’s the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions in the form of methane, which is far more detrimental than CO2. Plant-based foods, on the other hand, are sustainable and very much non-polluting. When consumed in a ‘farm-to-table’ fashion, where complex processing is eliminated, plant-based foods contribute to human wellbeing and planetary health . . . the best healthcare system ever. Humans only became carnivorous when -- tens of thousands of years ago -- the ice ages destroyed their plant-based food sources in regions where they had migrated. This created some other “monsters” now plaguing humanity . . . territorial disputes and violence of the endless ‘hunting-ground-ownership’ resource struggles.

The biology and anatomy of humans is identical to that of the great apes and other large land mammals . . . all of whom are herbivores. When asked the question, “Where to you get your protein?” The answer comes in the question, “Where does the horse, cow, elephant, giraffe and gorilla get theirs?” The large mammalian biosystem has an innate ability to create protein from the protein found in all plants. It takes a little while to re-ignite, and then sustain this ability, and therefore a transition to vegan needs to be gradual and systematic. But such a transition is now essential, for without this, the planet Earth will not sustain human life beyond this century . . . humans will be another failed experiment told in the annals, as billions of years pass through the clock of the long evolutionary now.

Our prayer is that you put a plan in place to be the change this world requires; to set a timetable on whatever your current diet is to return to vegan; to not feel guilt, nor criticize those who aren’t shifting, and then teach, with tolerance, the skills of health and ease in plant-based living.

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