Gratitude, Faith + Will

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The heart brain listens to the tones of all voices through the sensitivity of the inner ear. These tones either induce faith, or doubt, in the psyche as time unfolds into moments. Faith can also be induced by the will, as a means of birthing power into a moment. The strength of the will actually arrives from within the muscles of the heart . . . at the core of the heart brain. The fascia of these heart muscles extends -- both physically and energetically -- up through the throat (doorway to the inner ear) and on up into the tongue. This fascia, is involved -- moment to moment -- in the shaping of the tongue and produces those tones; overtones, and undertones around the voice. This allows you -- through the power of your faith -- to imagine the unimaginable; achieve the unexplainable -- for it's all right there, if you allow it to appear. Another trigger for the sensation of faith is that of gratitude, and an interesting fact about such attitudes is that gratitude and concern -- faith and fear -- will power and the unattainable, cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

You have to make a choice between gratitude and concern; between faith and fear; between will and disbelief, in order to occupy the space of any moment. Combine gratitude, faith and will and you’ve combined some of the most powerful tools to open your higher awareness. With this higher awareness comes the insights that confirm faith; affirm gratitude and set your will into super-action. This produces the frequencies to cure the dangers that might have been reasons for the concern and fear in moments lacking imagination. Setting your will into super-action moves both the physical and psychic energies through your body, from the groin -- area of your survival -- up into the heart center and your arrival into further faith. The circle and the cycle continues unbroken as the solutions -- that are always there . . . are always right on time.

Our prayer is that you join this cycle and travel in these circles of solutions; that your heart both listens for, and induces the tones of faith to light up your path, and everyone elses around you.

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