Break the Patterns

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One absolute in this physical Universe -- you cannot actually give unless you’re overflowing -- and if you try to, you’re stealing from yourself in order to buy some kind of favor. In order to overflow, you must recognize that life is already full, and appreciate the sensation of this fulfillment. Use the kinesthetic virtues of your physical form -- its innate intelligence -- you’ll experience the concentricity of the cycles and circles in your physical life . . . your prana . . . your chi. Then express yourself with this force for good; a force of good faith that carries life through any time, in any place.

Children are being born on this Earth right now, evolutionary ‘natures’ reacting to the brutality plaguing humanity, and these children are fully aware of their kinesthetic virtues. They have little attention for anything else, and so they’re labeled ADD and ADHD. They're here to freely achieve one specific thing . . . not concerned about the labels society places on them. They’re here to launch life beyond selfish wants and needs; to save the future by performing miracles. They know -- like the Buddha knew -- boredom is the certainty of equality, the middle path of moderation that doesn’t destroy the Earth. Humanity tries to avoid this boredom by initiating excitement, but excitement is just controlled anxiety -- it sweeps life into chaos, and consumes the Earth. These children know that boredom -- when fully experienced -- is a meditation that resolves this destruction and delivers prosperity. This forgives the corrupted present, by giving them forward from the troubled past into a sustainable future.

Our prayer is that you’re fed up with destruction; that you’ll dedicate your life to breaking these patterns, and align with the bigger picture embraced by the youth . . . overflowing and ready to share with everyone.

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