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Bumblebees can't fly? Aerodynamically it’s impossible for them to achieve lift, off the Earth, in any way. What they actually do is levitate. Yes . . . really . . . bumblebees have very large hollow cavities on either side of their larynx, and when they beat their wings, these cavities fill with vibrating air. Once this vibration/resonance matches the Earth’s resonance (7.83Hz cycles per second), the bumblebee becomes what’s called a ‘free-agent’. Enveloped in this identical frequency with the Earth and air, the Bumblebee floats in a synchronized field, like water, from flower to flower.

This ability evolved out of what the bumblebee was, and what the bumblebee needed. If this is possible for the Bumblebee, imagine what’s possible for you to evolve into. Imagine being inclined toward the freedom of your will; imagine, your needs being met from within untapped possibilities; imagine collapsing time to achieve life-dreams from the space around you. How about movement without a carbon footprint; how about peace and love amongst everything, and how about living -- as you were biologically formed to be . . . plant-based and organic? Wow, that’s powerful imagining.

Our prayer is that you pursue this as your birthright; that you begin by believing and then continue with faith and trust, and then share these dreams like a gigantic game of cosmic tag . . . . . . . . in which you’re it.

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