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Kanchenjunga, a mountain of five peaks just outside Darjeeling India, is the third tallest in the world at 28,169 feet. Rising out of the Earth between Nepal and the Sikkim state of India, this mountain is a majestic and magical presence. The ‘Ancients’ claim these five peaks are the base of what was once a single massive structure. What’s left are the remains from a gargantuan volcano that cut the mountain in half. The original mountain was almost twice as tall as Mount Everest before this eruption. In the central valley -- between these five peaks -- many mystical stories of great miracles are told by the yogis, sages and prophets (both men and women) who’ve lived there.

These epic tales describe masters living several hundred years. They lived this long to achieve, and maintain, the powers contained within the highest possibilities of human awareness. In this practice there’s no discrimination of gender -- the male and female masters were equal. Tablets of history say: this is a region where Issa (known today as Jesus) and Siddhārtha Gautama (known today as the Buddha) studied and reached their awakenings. In this region -- as depicted in writings throughout history -- including the more recent publishing of ‘The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East’ -- the powers available to every human being are as close to limitless as can be imagined. These powers: known in Sanskrit as siddhas; are accessible to every aspirant who systematically practices the steps to move consciousness through the common limitations and blocks. Like a shell surrounding a seed, your discipline opens this obstacle to grow. Once I asked the master, Yogi Bhajan . . . “Why so many blockages?” He answered simply, “GOD doesn’t want jerks in Heaven!”

Our prayer is that you’ll follow your own discipline and achieve a sacred awakening; that you’ll use this to lift your world and the world around you, and do so while having a very good time.

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