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You come into this world as the spirit of your consciousness, riding the momentum of soul into a world of ancestral genealogy . . . your physical body and family. This is the combination of your incarnations -- the soul body adding to your generations in a physical world. This “Equation” combines these forces in every lifetime -- the combination is exact . . . a true equation. When there are samskaras -- incomplete lessons from previous existences -- to be cleared, there will often be a sense of impending disappointment hanging over the moments . . . sapping momentum. These are not prophecies of what’s to come, but inclinations mixing into the new moments from what’s already been . . . instructional messages. These inclinations are signals of something to overcome . . . to be altered.

Disappointment is the consistent companion here, and of any world in high pressure mode. High pressure, like weather systems, produces its polarity of far lower pressures in the surrounding areas. When you’re seeking to achieve anything -- Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion is ‘by nature’, also right along side -- always hidden behind your energy; your exercises, and your enthusiasm. The “equal and opposite” -- the polarity to your forward motion -- like all weather systems, is the activity of natural balancing. Disappointment is a part of this package. It waits for your ‘appointed’ (or directed) energy to drop, even slightly, and then -- like the wind of the weather -- it just blows in. This is when you risk telling a story . . . weaving big descriptions and reasonings around the winds of lower pressure -- often turning this moment of nature into a defeat. Defeat and giving up are relatives of disappointment. But this is nature -- everyone's genealogy contains this in the physical body . . . it’s to be navigated toward momentum and success.

Our prayer is that you take your surrounding disappointments as the prophecies of the success to come; that when you’re disappointed, in any moment, you remain on track with your 'appointment' amongst these signals to be overcome -- then treat the signals like friends . . . guiding you to succeed.

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