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Mastery, prevalent through the ages taught: reach out into space with a focused passion, then relax and let it come to you over time. Never give up when it hesitates . . . always keep up. These are the teachings of the heart -- it teaches you to completely relax to receive what you've worked for. But this relaxation must also have a belief to receive . . . a deservingness. Otherwise, the cells in the body -- the actual autoimmune system -- won’t allow you to possess your results. The name of this yogic system is devotion . . . the unemotional connection with everything.

Devotion was commandeered by ‘faux-religions’ over the centuries to further their agendas, but real devotion disassembles all relativities to reassemble your life to include rewards for all passionate efforts. This is a powerful process that sheds the disruptions of needing, wanting, and wishing for. When spirituality said, “Be desireless,” it forgot to teach this mastery first. It involves balancing the brains -- the head, the heart, and the gut; organizing the minds -- the subconscious, conscious, and superconscious -- including all their attitudes -- negative, positive, and neutral. This mastery is essential to functioning powerfully and effectively in today’s falsely commandeered, and completely dysfunctional world. It’s how you must respond to all those insecure “children” who've clambered into the “adult” seats of global power. They’ve all shown up . . . now it’s your time to show up too.

Our prayer is that you stop reacting, and begin receiving; that you relax deeply to receive what you ‘deserve’ (serve to the self) -- and with what you receive, realize it’s a cycle within a circle . . . make wise choices and receive benevolent results. Awaken the purpose you’ve been existing for long before this life, and beyond it.

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