Guides Not Guards

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There’s a new attitude on Earth right now, and it’s evolutionary nature’s reaction to the old, exhausted, brutal attitudes that have plagued humanity since it first stood up. This new attitude is the new standing up -- a standing up into spirit -- a path of spirituality. Exhausted attitudes at this present moment think metaphysics, and spirituality are faux science and soft philosophies, but this is furthest from the truth. Spirituality is not some foreign thing; being spiritual is not a path of wu•wu and ouija boards -- it’s living with spirit; with passion, and with in•spirit•ation . . . inspiration. It’s literally the inhale that gives all creatures life . . . inhale means to inspire.

Doing whatever you’re doing; being whatever you’re being with that inhale, is the passion of spirituality. On the other side of this equation, there’s the sigh of exhaling -- the origin of exhaustion. In the end, it’s the death of a moment, awaiting the next inspiration, or even incarnation. This world is being repaired, with the brutal and violent old habits clinging to their dying ways . . . it’s repaired with these new attitudes from new generations. Children are being born with unique, sacred natures of spirit -- they see this world in its disastrous turmoil and know it requires their uniqueness. To educate them for their unique role in this world they must become what has never been . . . they must experience life in new ways of seeing, feeling, hearing, and being. These children are different . . . in order for them to make a difference. Stop labeling their differences to justify the exhausted standards.

Our prayer is that you embrace these children and their future; join them as guides not guards . . . be tolerant of their differences and supportive of the difference they’re here to make.

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