Align Around Purpose

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Personal greatness, and your sense of emotional security, are not mutually inclusive . . . you must step away from comfort at times to achieve your personal greatness. Part of the landscape of these achievements, like learning to walk and talk, requires being very bad before becoming really good. Being bad at something before you’re good is embarrassing, and embarrassment presents an emotional risk . . . psychology says it’s life’s greatest fear.

To press forward, steps beyond anything considered normal; steps beyond anything commonly considered emotionally comfortable, and stretches all of your preset limits. This is the realm that has to banish all hesitation. When hesitation is abandoned, you’ve sacrificed your safety-net of sympathy upon failure, and without any sympathy, your emotional security appears threatened. Here, you must internally shift -- release the external and define your own security. Kundalini yoga, mantras and meditations -- when practiced on a regular basis -- develop this deep talent for balancing risk. Articulated body movement/posturing; coordinated breath rhythms, and accurate mantra/sounding -- harmonize each level and angle of mental processing; emotional experiencing, and physical identity. This becomes super stable and balanced . . . the highest valuation of your existence. Delving into a routine, meaningful practice enables your ‘bodies’ to match the spirit. You deliver total security from within . . . without external validation . . . no perceived reasons.

Our prayer is that you create a practice to align your bodies around purpose; that you receive the gift of this innate sensation of wellbeing and true security, and walk this higher wire consciously . . . meditating, singing, breathing, stretching, moving, dancing and loving.

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