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Stagnant memory, caused by the lack of forgiveness, creates angles in the senses that control your experience from the past. It can turn pure beauty into absolute ugly. Anxiety about the future creates stagnation in the present from a moment that hasn't even occurred inside a habit that’s long since passed. When a massive object like Earth rotates, it effectively drags space and time around itself. The effect is like a spoon twisting in honey, the honey -- immediately around the spoon -- is dragged as the spoon twists. But a “massive” object compared to what, and what about the mass of your thoughts, or the momentum of your ideas? When you consider that matter is always under the influence of ideas -- drawn into an orbit of manifestation -- you realize everything in space and time affects everything . . . sometime.

Where does the effectiveness of forgiveness accumulate, and where does it culminate . . . or does it? It actually lives after its death, and reincarnates into hope from the past when there isn’t any in the present moment. There could be opportunities in the massive nature of new ideas, ones that have yet to be proven; they could affect the orbits of life -- as it's currently known -- and dramatically alter the future. This is required in these times . . . displayed on a future screen, forgiving of the brutal past . . . accepting of the present in preparation for what's next. This is the nature of angles; of momentum; of massive objects and good ideas, and, of your imagination.

Our prayer is that you forgive your limitations to reincarnate as instigations -- ones that insist on this world being filled with fresh, massive, momentous angles and ideas -- ones that instigate beauty in moments of ugly, and allow the future to nurture the present from the past and future.

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