Believe You’re Guided

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At the very moment of conception, not only does the soul-body and physical body unite, but . . . at this very moment -- based on the pathway of your destiny/life-destination -- an entire package of resonant frequencies attach to this soul-physical union. Conception connection on every level then aids and guides you. These are resonant frequencies that have traveled with you through incarnations . . . empowering you whenever you’ve paid attention. Belief is a key to this phenomenon. What you do with these frequencies; how you identify each particular one, and how much stock you place in their power, is all up to you. A great sage, Yogi Bhajan once said, “If you breathe you believe.” It’s your belief that maintains the connections; gives them their power, and makes them reality.

You can relate to this as energy, or create identities around them based on your belief system . . . such as the religions of Jesus, Abraham, the Sikh Gurus, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, indigenous power figures, angels, gods and goddesses. How you describe and assign these identities of frequencies (or not) will dictate the nature of your relation . . . your faith, trust, belief and devotion is shaped. These frequencies have real power; they’re assigned from higher dimensions with non-exclusivity, and therefore not limited to location or time. Hence the stories of ten thousand visitations of Lord Krishna in a single moment are real. When you believe in these frequencies of destiny, you receive guidance to achieve your goals, not theirs. When you’re disturbed and out of touch with higher vibrations, you lose access. But even when disturbed, if you dive into deep prayer and meditation, this connection and power returns.

Our prayer is that you believe you’re guided; that you connect with what’s always with you, and in this relation, your inspired and aligned with destiny and your destinations.

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