The ‘Self’ Within Yourself

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Life on Earth has lived through countless magnetic-pole reversals over the billions of years of life. There have actually been no mass extinctions coinciding with these pole reversals -- they take place every few hundred thousand years -- but much else has changed since the last time the Earth's magnetic poles weakened and shifted. Today, nearly all human existence is predicated on electromagnetic power: utilities; economic movement; communications, and the exchange of goods are all held together with electromagnetics and satellite-based systems.

All of these are coordinated on power grids -- inseparable from each other -- yet completely unstable when the magnetic field, holding the whole planet, begins shifting. If the fleet of satellites -- the ones securing both the open and encrypted communications from every government, utility and service on the planet -- was to suddenly come offline, most of the world would suffer power blackouts; economic systems outages, and communication shutdowns lasting for weeks, months and/or GOD knows how long . . . some say years. In the ensuing critical times, it’s anyone’s guess what might transpire, and it's therefore imperative for each person to create more of life within less technology; to create stronger communities with improved actual-verbal-local communication . . . telepathy and personal bonding replacing telephony. This impending crisis -- actually long overdue according to archeology -- is going to challenge humans to become more natural, more attuned to the actual, and less dependent on the virtual. This foretells of a time when the false “values’ that currently rule this world will become valueless, and the real values within your heart (faith, trust, compassion and love) will be the new gold.

Our prayer is that this does not upset you, but sets you up to begin touching the ‘self’ within yourself -- the one that can keep it together when everything else is falling apart.

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