Spacetime Crystals

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Scientists recently discovered the ability to manipulate, what are called, spacetime crystals -- a form of matter that plays by different rules, and defies a basic law of physics. In the ‘third law of motion’, "For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction,” the world of three and four dimensions holds to the set patterns of polarity.

Spacetime crystals have an additional force due to what’s called its 'spin' . . . a quantum mechanical property of sub-atomic magnetism. Spacetime crystals, have their own “preferences” outside the standard physical polarities, and this -- the masters say -- can explain miracles. Known to prophets and masters throughout the ages -- this “other half” -- the magical half of the Multiverse defies logic. Due to the presence of these crystals in the human brain, when you master the ability to work with them, the unpredictable wonders of their “lawless” light can be observed into existence with the unrestricted innocence of your mastery. Attaching a powerful electromagnetic intention can produce new possibilities within standard physical patterns. This is higher-conscious faith supplanting sub-conscious fear. This is the goal of every advanced civilization beyond this Earth; of every higher discipline beyond the norm . . . of alchemy that’s capable of bridging the unpredictable. Activating these crystals in the human brain has been referred to as the Christ, or Krishna, or GOD consciousness . . . powers that have been dormant forever.

Our prayer is that you’re up to the revelation; that you accept these powers without pride, or ownership, for they’re not your powers . . . they belong to life, and you’re just one of the ones destined to use them. You’re the new coming . . . a master coming from where miracles are a fact of life.

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