You’re a Lightworker

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All of today’s ecological, psychological, and sociological dilemmas can be reverse engineered by those who activate their higher consciousness. There’s never been this many people, with this much emotional corruption on any planet, and it’s unsustainable. But by the laws of physics -- the third law of motion where the opposite is always equal -- there's never been this much available light. You’re a lightworker -- but -- light consists of invisible particles until observed into visible wave-forms. Until you recognize your unlimited capacity, you’ll remain an ‘invincible-immortal’, yet also an invisible and ineffective force. You’re going to have to overcome this invisibility and come out of hiding. The innate fear of standing out -- a natural fear that’s genetically imbedded in every species to maintain unity in the herd, flock, and pack is there. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and right now, these collective dilemmas call for something more of you than your invisibility.

The darkness is clear -- magnified by the emotions of these threatening moments. Survival focuses on these dark threats . . . the head-brain translates them into seemingly impossible needs for emphasis . . . it’s time for you to focus on the possibilities. Reach inside and recall the sensations you’ve had in your faint background memory for as long as you’ve been alive. You know that you were made for these times -- that you’re an ‘invincible-immortal’ . . . an outstanding magician at your core. The winds of change are mighty, and they blow in all directions for your magic to be enabled. Take the lead; set your sails into these winds, and the direction of higher consciousness will become immediately clear. As the fifth human evolution -- realize that life on Earth has failed back to zero, four previous times -- each of these evolutionary moments is embedded in that faint memory of yours, and you won’t fail again.

Our prayer is that you step into this role; feel the fear, yet know you hold the keys . . . now’s the time for lightworkers to become visible . . . you are the solution.

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