Witness Your Uniqueness

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By becoming a witness to your uniqueness, you bless the origins of your infinite capacities that arise from absolutely nothing to become everything that you are. This is true religion, and your character in this life is simply your breath wrapped in the depth of this infinite perspective. Your emotional variances, shift the frequencies of this uniqueness as you travel through this Multiverse of visibility, but all your dealings in three and four dimensions are meaningless compared to the journey of this light. The emotional charges that define your character . . . adding to, or subtracting from what already is, are “dealings” you must answer for, but are not your real deal. Anger is one of the most common emotions in the human world today. It’s an evolutionary reaction to the depression of space that’s occurring from evolutionary stagnation . . . the inaction that has accumulated around the edges of this failed soul-recognition.

Depression arises from random regions in this unconsciousness, and the world is angry because it's so completely unconscious to any part of the soul-journey’ through the Multiverse. Instead of teaching this journey, religions are addicted to rules, fears and anxieties. Wisdom could lead the world from this anger through determination, but religious corruption prefers to use ignorance as a weapon. The angle of “anger” -- in any variety -- is the level of unawareness, and your emotional response to each moment either awakens, or sedates awareness. Evolution has provided a more conscious option then emotions . . . shift the body’s physical fascia through angles and postures and you alter the peptides and hormones from your glands and organs that produce your emotions. This is the benefit of yoga’s body posturing and conscious breathing -- it changes the angles of your emotions to open your awareness of the light.

Our prayer is that you do what’s needed to witness your uniqueness; that you realize your infinite capacity, and use yoga to shape your character while breathing infinity into your life. Change the world around you, by changing the world inside you.

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