Similarities Within Differences

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Physical existence is a sensation of space and time, where time overlays space in an illusion -- established as a fact -- by the limitations of memory, and the human senses. The rapid evolution of the compassionate heart-brain, and the reintroduction of the connecting gut-brain, are vital in these chaotic times, where humanity fixates, and becomes terrified of itself in the process. The global population is rapidly increasing -- usable land is shrinking and this is accelerating with the rising oceans -- there’s going to be a great need for an entirely new concept of real estate.

This new real estate will be found in the dimensions of space and time, modified by tolerance . . . the allowance of more than one idea, need and outcome to coexist in the same moment . . . a strange concept in today’s fanatic, competitive, and combative environment. This tolerant practice, of the ancient masters, must be present in the near future . . . a meditative mind with the skills to disassemble coexisting ideas down to their quantum parts, and instantly locate similarities within differences. What ‘was’ allows what ‘is’ and re engineers what’s acceptable in each moment with meditative accuracy. The ancients called this “rasa” . . . the essences within the five senses. Rasa, looks at a moment from a quantum view, where the history of one moment is the future of another, and this future history works for everyone. This is the nature of tolerant times . . . the meta-science that studies this is vedic astrology . . . where the present and future are found in prophecies assembled from ancient signals.

Our prayer is that you’re up to the task of promoting the prophecies of tolerance; that you take courage and counter the doubts that will shout, while speaking softly -- to forever hold the peace.

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