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You can retreat to the finest sanctuaries on Earth, but there’s no more noble place than the inner sanctuary of your own higher world . . . right there behind your thoughts. This is the realm of the super-fantastic -- the completely outlandish -- the unimaginable ideas of your immortal origins . . . long before the other sanctuaries were created . . . long before your thoughts were formed. Here you’ll connect to the ‘you’ that performs as if it’s ‘you’ in your life. Here, there’s a quest that’s not a question, ‘how the relativity of reality affects perception to create the world in which you dwell.’

This is the quest that takes everyone in search of those outer sanctuaries; in search of places where peace, calm, and solitude exist. But it’s right there at your own point of origin where you’ll find the silence of your emotions progressing without expression; where time unfolds as a limitlessness before the measurement of time, and endless options are held in the trust of an infinite nothing . . . perfection found in the lawless beginning of everything. This is where humanity must retreat into a soul-based hibernation to reboot the entire human system, one that’s currently paranoid, and believes the religious stories of sacredness as paranormal. It’s time to disassemble those old worships of relativity, and reassemble reality as a compassionate devotion -- without the dominance of insecure emotions. This reboot will allow the inherent self-organizing ability of human life to rebuild its healthy infrastructure of trust.

Our prayer is that you retreat into this sanctuary every morning; that you treat yourself to the incredible landscapes and hibernate in their coziness where your origins are found. From here your connection to everything can be shared with everyone.

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