Born To Navigate

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You -- on the cusp of being outstandingly aware, enlightened if you will, are compelled to pay attention in each moment, therefore you’re the ones feeling the most disturbed and disrupted by the physical, socio/emotional, and psychic charges filling the human spaces these days. This is why, a personal daily practice, one that reorients and realigns your body’s functions; your emotional/social balances, and your mind’s way of viewing and processing this world is essential.

More now than ever before, there are contributing factors to this phenomenon: first, there’s the universal redshift in the astronomy of all space reaching a sublimation (a ultra-acceleration point); second, there’s a strong likelihood that Earth is in the midst of a magnetic polar shift, and third, as these disturb the collective human psyche, it’s now magnified throughout the dynamically accelerating technologies of online communities. The red-shift sublimation is the changing ‘Yugas’ described in Sanskrit texts by the ancient yogis and mystics. The polar magnetic shift -- known to archeologists and geophysicists is overdue -- giving Earth a unique magnetic and electrical change. Take the tension, pressure, stress, and friction of this advancing combination -- pour the gasoline of today’s technology driven social internet, and you have a perfect storm on steroids . . . a recipe for massive psycho-emotional instability. You who are paying attention; you who are on the cusp of your enlightenment -- for you this is an overwhelming experience. For those who are hiding, it’s just a hoard of unwanted noise amongst the noise of their lives.

Our prayer is that you take refuge in your daily practice; that you allow yourself to be ultra-aware and envision a pathway through this maze, for this is the moment you were born to navigate, and this is your moment for teaching others to feel safe while navigating this storm.

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