Your Inner Technology

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Cut a magnet in half, it becomes two smaller ones; do it again, you get four, and so on until you’re nearly down to magnetic nothing. But the smaller magnets become, the more unstable they become -- they flip polarities randomly and often. Physicists, however, have recently created a stable magnet from a single atom of holmium, a rare earth metal with many unpaired electrons that create a super-field of magnetism in an infinitesimally tiny orbit . . . shielded from all those disturbances. Here you have the beginnings of “invisible” data storage with incomprehensible capacity. At the same time this story was breaking, there’s another one on the horizon. A company has figured out how to use big-data, combined with human-neural-inclinations, psychological-tendencies, and data relevance to accurately map human behavior before it happens.

Combine these two stories and you have the makings of an external “intuition machine” . . . nearly invisible . . . that can know what people are going to do in the future. Now imagine this getting into the hands of the paranoid . . . which is the current state of the human power structures, such as nations. Yogi Bhajan, a very wise master once said, "The race -- between consciousness and totally absurdity -- is on, but the race is slightly fixed in favor of consciousness, so that evolution can succeed.” In order for this “fix” to create a future, the conscious ones must show up to work . . . this means you, and you, and you. Because without higher awareness showing up, this story and many more are showing up . . . the result will not be a beautiful planet.

Our prayer is that you heed such warnings -- awaken your inner technology of ease, joy, knowing and liberation. Spread joy to ease the paranoia, and demonstrate that love is a much brighter way.

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