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Everything that humans have invented on the outside, can be found replicating something on the inside. There’s a ‘cosmic common’, "Nothing can be created beyond the reach of what's creating it.” Looking at everything that has advanced human life from the use of fire; invention of the wheel; spoken and written language -- and in these modern times -- the transmission of messages wirelessly, and now driverless vehicles. Medical science shows there’s a fire inside of every living cell to maintain the temperature of life. Red blood cells move single file through the capillaries, rolling exactly like ‘little wheels’. Spoken and written language mimics all the codes of DNA -- telling stories, dictating assignments, and carrying out orders.

The entire nature of animal life is wireless . . . there are none -- and proprioception is the driverless mechanism that knows the exact location of everything within this wireless space. This means that everything new mimics something that's known. And within this consistent mimicry, there’s a constant memory and familiarity available in every moment. A random assembly of these “known” parts creates the illusion of “new”, but as the whole may seem new, the parts are consistent . . . everything new is made from the old. Meditation allows you to “meta-sense” through these layers and note how this assembling procession takes place . . . where all the ‘sub-sub-sub-components’ of every existing moment were woven into the “new” moment. This is ‘understanding’ -- to “stand under” and know what is . . . always. This is the human power of clarity in every moment using a meditative mind . . . one that’s connected to everything, always.

Our prayer is that you use this human power to know, and share this knowledge for everyone’s advantage, without taking advantage of anyone.

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