How May I Serve You?

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The subtle anatomy of the human being, is what connects this physical life to Spirit. It's made up of many different "bodies" and systems, each one layering inside the other, through dimensions within the space that's occupied by your physical body. Having a conscious relationship with these other aspects of a world within your world -- enables them to play a role in this world. Without this conscious awareness, the subtle anatomy just silently waits for you to wake up. Like the world of eagles and hawks . . . a world that the tiny ants are unaware of, but they still exist in the same space. The world of your subtleties is right here -- constantly asking how it can serve you -- it has countless intuitive insights, and unimaginable innovations to offer, but until you're aware, they don't serve you. When you ask that same question of anyone, "How may I serve you?" you're engaging this subtle anatomy in the both of you.

You're reaching into spirit and connecting spirit to spirit. Some of these systems are the vayus (receptors of faint impulses); chakras (connectors to the larger cosmos); gunas (incubators of every insight); meridians and nadis (pathways of your chi energy); tattvas (the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether), and the channels of the ida, pingala and shushmana that manage the flow of the kundalini . . . awareness. As a first step -- more than knowing how each of these operates within you -- it's important to simply sit in their presence and marvel at their existence . . . marvel at the eagle and the hawk soaring through the world of your ants.

Our prayer is that you're open to the fact that not everything in your life is obvious to your life; that there are worlds upon worlds, within worlds, and that you're willing to be living in this world, while knowing you're not of this world . . . you're actually an unimaginable force, to achieve unimaginable good.

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