Discipline with Compassion

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Right now, the astrology of chronic disappointment is rampant on Earth. The Earth has a prosperous chart, but it’s being overwhelmed by the collection of human emotions. This compounded disappointment has resulted from the accumulation of undisciplined unconsciousness in the growing population . . . the human system is very dim. This misdirection, humans running from compassion for centuries in a self-centric frenzy, has combined with the current population boom, and this affects everyone. It’s an astral sludge -- quantities produced by over seven and a half billion, mostly unconsciousness, people -- filling the atmosphere and rubbing off on your attitudes in the days, while disturbing your nights by subtracting important hours of rejuvenating sleep.

There are historical records of such periods where extreme human anger crawled out of the equation like an unconscious and unintended antidote. Medieval it's called, and you must prepare for it again . . . depressing sludge of disappointment giving birth to pandemic anger fueling the injustices; the intolerances, and bigotries of the social and political climates. A best response to this anger is found at the holographic core of your life -- the core of life that’s also at the core of the Cosmos -- a place where deep calm in ‘one’ cancels the angst in ‘many.’ Chaotic tension, pressure, stress and friction -- the material world being consumed beyond its ability to restore itself -- demands this centerpoint right now.

Our prayer is that you’ll take charge of yourself in this moment of monumental disappointment and resultant anger; reconcile your own affairs; take the time to access your centerpoint; produce freedom in the rising tide, and live as an example of discipline with compassion until this moment has passed.

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