Your Purpose is to Love

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You’ve been born in the distant future many times over your incarnations . . . the future from where time is measured on this planet. There’s a future and a past always active in the cosmos -- in some Universe -- within some Megaverse around the Multiverse. There’s even a future in the star systems far closer to the horizon of this same Universe . . . systems that’ve been in existence far longer than this Earth. These star systems are more advanced from the origins of the Central Sun forming this Universe; more advanced by magnitudes of billions of years in some cases.

But even a few thousand years makes an enormous difference. This is not true of everyone on this Earth, for there are many different levels and assignments among the vast series of required human incarnations. Once you’ve reached a certain level of evolution within any particular star system, you’re incarnations begin to migrate beyond to other systems. Because of your advanced nature, many of your recent assignments have been on planetary systems in existence far longer than this one. These systems work with capacities that have long ago mastered these simple three dimensions of space; they've completed all the assignments in this fourth dimension of sequential time, and have moved beyond these measurements. All the petty disputes over the lands of three dimensions known as nations, these advanced incarnations have no interest in. They’ve also moved beyond the buying and selling of sequential moments for money -- lost interest in owning spatial objects, and now absorb knowledge and experience it into wisdom. This they then transplant onto the lesser evolved planets. This is your assignment on this Earth; these are the reasons this Earth makes so little sense to you in this moment, and why you’re constantly experiencing yourself as a misfit.

Our prayer is that you welcome yourself to the world of your assignment; bless this planet with the ancient wisdom of your presence. Don’t attach to the neurosis so prevalent here, understand it’s just a baby -- you’re here to care for it -- you’re the parents of all this life on Earth . . . your purpose is to love.

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