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The agricultural civilization was made possible when the ice ages receded and the northernmost continents and lands became livable once again. A byproduct of this shift from scavenging and hunting, to cultivating and farming, was when gender equality became possible . . . a condition that’s natural, but has been resisted over the millennia. The rights and pleasures, confined to the physically stronger men, was to naturally shift and be universally shared, with social orders completely altering to accommodate it. But in addition to the social resistance, there were religious and political challenges at the roots of ancient conditioning where humanity evolved from. With any outer shift, there must be an accompanying movement in human consciousness, and a global backlash from the patriarchy has erupted around the world today. To maintain a perceived unique value, the patriarchy always calls for increased nationalism, territorial and religious wars, and sounds the alarm for more patriotism (obey the patriarchy).

The unconsciousness of men is completely unwilling to give up its treasured dominance without struggle. These struggles are being manufactured on every side of the global equation. This is not natural -- this is the result of the male nature and its unnatural logic. The natural path is growth, and when you’re growing, there must be stability at the root . . . seeds must be planted in a stable environment to insure strong roots and outreach. This is the dilemma facing humans at this moment -- there’s a need to grow, and stability must awakened. But looking to the outside for stability is futile, the foundation is in the natural equality of inner peace. This shift is overdue -- it’s tardiness is creating fractures in the psyche of traditions with deep resistance from false privilege . . . the fear of an adventure beyond entitled logic is no longer working. It’s the time of a natural revolution to break this stalemate.

Our prayer is that you’re a master of this birthright in nature; that you’ll work with these times as if you were born to, and then deliver the stability of equality to humanity that’s long overdue.

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