Make Inner Light

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Quantum science ambitiously searches for the ‘invisible “dark” forces’ and ‘invisible “dark” energies’ in a quest to explain what’s hidden from view. This expedition seeks evidence of a fundamental bridge between the world of three and four dimensional life, and the invisible worlds -- proven mathematically to exist -- that make up the vast majority of the total cosmic mass. This is the scientific side of that ever constant human search for meaning behind the visible . . . the one ancient yogis spoke of while searching amongst the obvious for the unobvious. In this effort, yogis determined that keys to opening such realms -- the realms existing right alongside everything that’s known -- is to ask, and then allow each question to exist as if it’s already been answered, because it has.

“Humee hum, brahm hum,” the ancients would say, “from the space you’re occupying, enter the space not yet occupied, and then slip into the spaces that don’t yet exist. What is to be already is.” A pragmatic example is: you see Mount Everest from two hundred miles away, but you can’t see it from twenty miles away . . . the foothills block this closer view, but it’s there. Sometimes you have to look through greater distances of possibility; use more powerful curiosity to reach beyond obstacles; embrace more dynamic innocence with less certainty; peek inside the unknowns and outside of knowns; see around corners, and over horizons . . . all in order to locate the invisible right in front of you where science and spirit meet.

Our prayer is that you’re up for this task; that you take on the fearful unknowns in your life with a massive curiosity of innocence; that in the face of this “dark” invisibility, you make inner light, hope and innocence your guide, and then commit deeply to loving the experience with all its emotions of adventure . . . doing this all with a keen sense of ambition.

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