Rewrite the Story

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This is a time of great change, and also a time of parallel dilemmas. The world faces the environmental crisis of an unprecedented magnitude in human history. Carbon dioxide levels, in the atmosphere, have reached heights not seen for three million years, and a mass extinction is underway. The Holocene is a geological epoch that began after the Pleistocene at about 11,700 years ago -- the end of the last major ice age. The Anthropocene epoch began with the ‘Industrial Revolution’ and is the period during which human activity has dominated climate and the environment with no collective solution capable of reckoning with the impact of a destabilized climate set to scramble the patterns of life.

Humanity has accidentally, or deliberately, set this present moment hurtling into a future where the release of methane from a ‘great melting’ will destroy life and heat the Earth beyond the presence of humanity itself. But parallel to this, you’re also in the age of massive data hacking . . . the ability to change information at a core level, and thereby change the results of significant actions. If the American election can do it; if the Academy awards can almost do it, certainly you can do this too. It’s time to hack your destiny and speed up the process of your awakening along with the trajectory of all life on this planet. It’s time for you to become an unexpected savior by hacking this current disastrous epoch. Get down into the quantum of the human psycho-system and change its inclinations; change the topography of the awakening mindscape; change the capabilities, and the possibilities in the course of Earth’s history.

Our prayer is that if you believe you’re incapable, hack it; if you think you’re too fearful, hack it; if you think it's up to someone else, hack it. Realize it’s up to you; that the course of misery is in your hands and it’s time to take up this cause like you own it, and drive it like you stole it . . . hack it . . . rewrite the story . . . be a superhero/heroine and save the future.

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