Find Your Dharma

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Dharma is a pathway of disciplines that fully expose the Spirit . . . the unique consciousness of your life. Dharma is a fifth dimensional method of projecting throughout the third dimension of space, and the fourth dimension of time, without any interference from the noise and distortions of opposition. This projection of your Spirit is a conscious choice of abandoning every limitation that’s ever been placed upon you. This is the complete release of blockages, whether they’ve appeared intentionally by you, or others, or unintentionally by some indirect force.

Whenever you exercise your right to manifest intentions without limits -- by the third law of motion -- you’ll face equal opposition. The normal response to these forces is a stronger proposition, but aggressiveness only sets up further oppositions and limitations. Then the only conceivable way of overcoming this is by being even stronger willed . . . when everything is stronger willed, there’s chaos, violence and destruction. This is the nature of the present moment, and evolution -- the natural selection of opportunities -- is having a crisis in evaluating options right now because of all this massive unnatural “noise”. The science of a Dharma is a super-motion. For all action there’s equal reaction in the same dimensions, but Dharma introduces a higher dimension that cures this inherently oppressive law. This oppression has been the plague of “non-entitled” humanity . . . a caution that allows violence to prevail. Dharma is the commitment of achieving a strong proposition; containing unlimited, even impossible solutions; persisting when no other aids are available; in an environment that’s filled with doubt and danger, and with unfriendly attitudes all around. Such was the nature of Maha Atma Gandhi’s struggle; such was the nature of Nelson Mandela’s struggle, and each of them used some form of Dharma to pass through the unimaginable moments.

Our prayer is that you find your Dharma in these challenging times; that you use this discipline to project your proposition and overcome all opposition with the magic of the your fifth dimensional Spirit.

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