Our 3 Brains

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There’s neurology throughout the human body with three brains as processors for humans to actually become humane. Each brain has a separate and a complementary function. There’s one in the head -- the most developed over the past one hundred and twenty-five thousand years. There’s one in the gut -- developed millions of years ago, but far less used since the head-brain took over human life. There’s one in the heart, which is the next in line to fully evolve, if humans survive the current Earth crisis without local extinction . . . more and less evolved humans live throughout the Multiverse.

The head-brain is for advanced reasoning aligned by severely two dimensional thinking -- good/bad; right/wrong; yes/no; left/right/up/down, and the likes. This has been superior in advancing through space and time, but deeply lacking in connection and compassion. The gut-brain is all about the super-connections and makes it possible for creatures to form working groups, survive in community, and nourish the future. Since the head-brain took over the brainpower of humans, individual achievement has become more valued than connection. The heart-brain is about advanced compassion, circulation of wealth, openness, and longevity . . . it’s the first organ produced in the body, and the last one to retire at the time of passing. For a human life to be fully awakened, fulfilled, and prosperous -- all three brains must function with equal emphasis . . . this is the path of mastery; this is the new evolution; this is the era you’re evolving into if you survive the ‘reaction’. This ‘reaction’ is causing the current unrest; it’s the insecurity that accompanies the new and unknown; it’s reaching for old familiar antiquated ways of extreme nationalism with cultural isolation.

Our prayer is that you become a leader and full participant in evolution; that you value connections at the gut as highly as being right; that you value the circulation of wealth as highly as individual reward, and that you promote the balance of humanity progressing into a future without any discrimination toward its members . . . best friends forever.

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