The Brain

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There's a common thought amongst humans that their brain is the most sophisticated on Earth. This may, or may not be true, but the belief is real. But the only animal on Earth causing the greatest problems is the human, and the human brain is definitely involved.

Divided into regions called lobes, the front most lobes establish priorities, planning and initiate motor activity, including speech. Just behind this, the prefrontal lobes integrate personality with emotion and transform thoughts into action. The temporal lobes along the sides, contain receptors for hearing, and process learning, memory, and the experiences and expression of emotion. On the backside of the brain, the occipital lobes produce sophisticated topographical maps of the space you live in with complex interconnections required for visual processing, visual memories and integrating space with other parts of your life. The top-back region contains the parietal lobes that process bodily sensations from all the senses to integrate what's sensed with what's felt in life. This region either opens or blocks your "knowing" . . . your intuition. Within each and every second of your life, this brain produces millions of connecting patterns throughout two hundred billion neurons -- a vast circuitry distributed through all these regions. Add this complexity to the interpersonal actions and reactions that take place between your brain and other brains every day . . . countless interpersonal moments creating trillions, even quadrillions of patterns over the years. You now have the makings of the magic in human potential, or a collection of total destructive chaos. In chaotic mode, the human being is the most dangerous creature on this Earth. The only question is what will you make of your potential . . . will you contribute chaos or compassion?

Our prayer is that you reveal your unknown potential within the present day storms of ill-fitting and argumentative chaos; that you honor the balance of the Universe by presenting unimaginable magic to complement the predictable logic, and use the chaos as raw material for revitalizing human life on this Earth.

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