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You are the source of you . . . you are the reality of you . . . you are healthy by your very nature. Meditation as medicine delivers attitudes from this healthy source that gives you access to life as reality. It’s one of the most effective 'universal' health-care systems of the ages. Meditation touches clarity when the rest of the world is in a radical departure from anything that’s clear. The power of meditation is when your brain-mind connection opens; the stress levels in your body reduce; you become aligned and emotionally centered; your higher consciousness engages, and you access the efficiencies of synchronicity.

Prana yam -- watching your breath, and consciously choosing the rhythms at which you breathe -- is a simple and deeply relaxing way to meditate. Because of the diaphragm’s physical connection to your emotions -- they’re rooted at the solar-plexus where the diaphragm is used in breathing -- these prana yams help to balance your emotional body. This is a source of health in many ways . . . there's nothing like positive emotions for improving physical challenges. Synchronicity and balance are the fundamental nature of the cosmos. When you gain access to synchronicity and balance, your efforts arrive without stress on your physical body; you vibrate in harmony with your surroundings; your senses perceive with more clarity, and the world is viewed through a healthier lens. These are the sources and realities available every moment, but pressure and tension fail to take advantage of them. Life in today's world has accelerated around economics -- it’s dependent on breaking up this physical ease -- using the anxiety that comes with the tensions as the marketplace. Without a constant pipeline of ills, the current economy would collapse. There's a battle between higher consciousness and economics that's not a conspiracy, it’s a conformity.

Our prayer is that you break this pattern for you; that you refuse to conform to these current norms by meditating every day. Breathe and develop a clear path to the source of your healthy reality . . . play tag . . . be it, and then pass it along.

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