Boredom + Commitment

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Every one of you was born as a promise. Now it’s your purpose to experience this promise with all your heart -- with each breath you breathe; to experience this promise with each step you take; with every person you make contact with -- be they good, or bad -- and this is the fulfillment of you as a promise. This promise lives inside the rooms of your consciousness. This is both your prison, and your castle . . . a choice made with every breath you breathe . . . the mote that surrounds your castle. Commitment is the key that opens the only doorway in this room; that allows you to leave your prison and enter the first pathway leading to the castle. This is the pathway of boredom -- sit with this for long enough and it leads you to the realm of balance . . . these are the realms the Buddha spoke of as the middle path.

Boredom is misunderstood by those who are unevolved; it’s thought of as boring, but it’s actually just ultra-calming and peaceful. Boredom and balance are essential components within which the key to commitment is found. Commitment can arrive when all of your exits and excuses are nailed shut except for the doorway that opens into boredom and balance. From this balanced position, the castle of devotions is just there with all of its countless blessings. This is the castle of your higher self . . . the polarity to your emotions and feelings of imprisonment. These devotions are curiosity, ease, joy, knowing, intuition, liberation, love, trust, faith, inspiration, enthusiasm and many more. Knowing and wanting are polarities, like the castle and the prison. Knowing is a devotion with the exact sensation of having . . . you cannot want and have simultaneously. This is a guide on the journey to the castle of your higher consciousness . . . release wanting and embrace having at all times . . . for all events.

Our prayer is that you take this journey from the prison of your emotions to the castle of your devotions, and walk it every day; take this journey and inspire others to do the same. This is the new era of enlightenment . . . you’re an essential teacher here . . . jump in . . . keep your promise.

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