Walk As If

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Living in the emotional charges of this present day world is toxic to the senses of all living creatures . . . nothing and no one is immune. There’s so much noise compared to the meaningful signals . . . the true music of the cosmos is unnoticeable amongst the din of the chaos. But you’re a magi – a prophet perfectly suited for this assignment -- you’ve the inherent talents, and experiences from planets throughout this megaverse, and this gives you an ability to accomplish miracles . . . to reset any planet’s life force. All that’s required is that you “walk as if” . . . which turns on these inherent capacities. It’s the faith of knowing you know without knowing how.

Yogi Bhajan once referred to this world as, “A half-star hotel.” It’s this disparate sense that’s been calling to the cosmos . . . calling all the angels -- like yourself -- to come to the aid of life. This “Earth-hotel” is in a crisis like the many you’ve handled somewhere else at some other time. This is where your intuitive capacities recall the dichotomies within absurd contradictions . . . this ignites these capacities when you act on faith. Ecstatic values emanate from your central core when you walk as if: physical ease; emotional joy; psychic all-knowing, and a spiritual sense of liberation are your rewards. Being able to enjoy a fraction of these ecstatic core values means an extraordinary life . . . one that’s highly intuitive and deeply innovative. You ride the timewave, running through life, just ahead of its crest on the sweet spot of your devotions without any emotional charge. Ease, joy knowing, and liberation are but a few amongst the love, trust, faith, inspiration, enthusiasm, balance and many more. Devotions serve your miraculous self, and once you commit to walking as if, you’re immune to the emotional noise that’s everywhere.

Our prayer is that you ignite your devotional body and give your emotional body a rest; that, in the midst of your miracles, you give all credit and glory to spirit, and that you live with the ease and joy of being a magi, of channeling what the “Earth-hotel” so desperately needs right now.

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