The Core of Infinity

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These are the times of epic challenge -- like some historical prophecy in a world without harmony, or any natural empathy, and beset by non-reality, while falling into agony. You’ve awakened here -- an unverified magician from the threshold of infinity, dancing in your memories of some remarkable destiny . . . yet assigned to this world on the cliff-edge of a tragedy. It’s a time that seems completely without measure, but you remember from the distant layers of your higher memory -- there has to be a pattern . . . every finite space has a pattern . . . a predictable ability. Science tells you that for every action, there’s an equal reaction -- yet as you approach this world with your awareness from an infinite origin, the equal reactions seem to disappear into randomness and the unpredictable.

This is the moment to remember you’re a magician; your outcomes aren’t gathered from predictions . . . they’re extrapolated from your intuitions. Predictions are the results of ‘what was’ . . . intuitions are the uncanny awareness of what’s actually coming. As this time becomes less predictable, the future is forced to face the purity of an unknown history . . . one that's never existed before, and never will again. There are no predictions here, for your intuition doesn’t come from the past, and rarely leads to any logical arrangement of the future. It’s often born from an agony and lack of harmony -- like a seed that’s lying on a ‘shit’ tilled field. This phenomenon -- known to yogis for thousands of years as the core of infinity -- is the realm from where you came. It’s not familiar, or similar to anything other than the origins of a magician. It's these horrific experiences that cause consciousness to collapse into a singularity . . . a lawless lack of direction without measure . . . an endless and absolutely perfect nothing, where only love can survive.

Our prayer is that you exit all of your needs for logic and pick up on the magic all around you; that you realize the gifts in the curses of this time, and remember you’re a magician with powers, waiting to ignite them and save this day with love.

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