Acknowledge Core Beauty, Forgive Quickly

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All animals have complex languages that entail body angles, eye movement, facial expressions, vocal sounds, and breathing patterns. The human mind fails to comprehend this vast intelligence, both in itself and in other species. Humans are narcissistic . . . completely self-absorbed and unaware of the incredible communication all around in life.  Not so in reverse . . . all animals get human signals . . . the tones, expressions and body postures. It’s only the words -- which do not always tell the truth like other signals do -- that these animals pay less attention to. Within the human brain’s processing -- the electro-chemical impulses give rise to concepts and language, but fail to capture the subtler meanings . . . unable to differentiate information at a soul level. Intellectual intelligence is strong, but higher dimensions go unnoticed . . . most humans believe this realm only exists in faith.

These other dimensions reveal the future and animals are familiar with this. Humans use thought as their most powerful tool, but other animals use knowing.  Look at what the “wild” animals did to survive in the path of the great tsunami of the past decades. They knew that it was coming and got out of the way . . . humans, sat in the path, and were wiped off the beaches. This future awareness does not replace the presence in the present moment amongst these animals . . . their lives maximize their presence. This is at the root of their compassion -- it sees beyond other's faults -- it acknowledges core beauty, and forgives very quickly. This is how your animals relate to you in each moment. This is how the world of animals gets along on mutual lands -- not owning anything -- sharing everything. No human is without this compassionate ability, but the intellectual noise -- the power humans take such pride in, and believe sets them above all others -- overwhelms the compassion.

Our prayer is that you open up and realize the intelligence that exists in every animal and plant; begin to admire life for the sake of life, without the need to own it . . . it's the most vital resource.

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci