Wake All The Way Up

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Your lives are ancient -- reaching back far beyond any imagination, and outside all the measures discussed even by astro-physics. Cute stories are made up so that the human brain, which is very two dimensional -- ruled by logic -- can make sense of the magnitudes that makes no logical sense. Those who want to exercise the most control; hoard the most resources; forcefully manage the greatest numbers of people, are the ones who’ll promote these made up stories that place history into the tiniest versions possible.

These are the stories that assign the ages to things in the thousands of years rather than in their actual numbers. These are the stories that are going to be influencing the school-systems now, and for some time to come, as the ‘reality-deniers’ are gathering control over many of the world’s power centers. This is exactly what happened during the medieval times, as simple minded children, in the offices of religious, political and economic power, took over the controls. Believing they're making a great difference, these evolutionary children won't be influenced by your logical efforts. But with the human world at a moment of extinction-level cataclysm -- near the end of its three and four dimensional road -- you must find the answers. Exactly as the great minds in the last renaissance did, your assignment is real and profoundly required. Your job is to wake all the way up, and then wake up all those who are reachable and teachable, the ones who are ready for real discovery, not convenient stories. Discipline your psychology to access your magical powers in the magnitudes and imaginings beyond the measures of your brain. Get back in touch with your ancient nature; do not be poisoned by the ranting and bickering of these children and their powerless power. Do not get frustrated . . . build strength every day.

Our prayer is that you’re waking up today -- committing to the long haul, and looking forward to the adventure. Pull on your body glove and get ready for the show, it’s going to be the most remarkable one in many lifetimes, but you’ve been through this before, because you’re ancient . . . really, really ancient. Act your age.

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci