The Balance That Delivers Enlightenment.

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In this darkest of all ages -- this Kali Yuga -- it’s said, “Truth is what you convince someone of.” This is the current dilemma . . . unconscious evolutionary children, taking advantage, and making up stories with alternate facts repeated at the levels of totalitarian propaganda. Brutal systems of the recent past believed, "Repeat a lie until it becomes the truth." Today this rules the highest levels of global non-leadership, but there's an upside to this dilemma. There are always polarities in the physical universe . . . the equal and opposite must simultaneously be true. This upside is your opportunity for fast and conscious growth through blocks that've hampered your incarnations for lifetimes, and your ancestry for generations.

Science studies this with their double blind studies, but never discovers more than blindness . . . it’s not logical enough for modern science to understand. Take advantage of this lawless darkness by creating compelling reasons 'why' you must accomplish growth, and keep repeating the reasons, and the 'how' to accomplish this will come to you. This is the nature that all nature follows to manifest evolutionary advancements . . . this is the code to all the miracles you're capable of performing in these very dark times. The darkness creates portals filled with compelling reasons that’ve been present forever and right now, enlightenment with your ability to be a 'light-worker' is strong. The renaissance of lightness followed the medieval times of dark repression. Allow the dark frustrations to deliver opportunities of 'why' into your your heart and mind, then allow the 'how' to arrive through intuitive openings in your surrender. Your ability to match these times with their polarities will awaken the master, prophet, and savior inside . . . it's never been more available.

Our prayer is that you're paying attention to the dark signals, but not consuming them into your life . . . they're far too toxic . . . be aware, but don’t be naive. Access the equal and opposite forces that are always present, and use the laws of physics within these dark and lawless times to become the balance that delivers enlightenment.

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