Spiritual Warriors

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Spiritual warriors are courageous beings who, with the silent sages, glistening with wisdom, expand life’s interrelationships and hold it together. These are the ‘sage-warriors’ who break the laws that’ve assembled in the corruption that accumulates at the “empire’s” core of restrictive two, three and four dimensional power . . . spoken of in, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” These ‘sage-warriors’ wield an immortal license that ignites the ‘immortal authority’ within a revolutionary soul; this catalyzes the adventures around a sublimation point of time on whichever planet they’ve been assigned to save. They open new dimensions as life on the planet is failing. This focuses a revolution in evolution to stimulate progress. These are the ‘sage-warriors’ present four hundred million years ago when life took great risk and crawled from the oceans onto land. This introduced two dimensions into a one dimensional world . . . tremendous changes occurred in life’s psychology and biology . . . some resisted and fought to prevent this change, but a single dimension no longer served what life was to experience. These are the same ‘sage-warriors’ who were present seven and a half million years ago, when the great-apes first stood up.

Standing was not common -- it introduced a third dimension of spatial depth in a huge and useful way -- it changed anatomy into what we use every day. Again there was huge resistance, but resistance strengthens insistence and it all works together. ‘Sage-warriors’, one hundred thousand years ago, introduced the fourth dimension of sequential time by relying on the accumulation of memory. This wasn’t “real” and resistance fought with vigor, but this fourth dimension was needed to accumulate knowledge from the presence of this memory . . . the ‘sage-warriors’ prevailed.

Our prayer is that you’re willing to be those ‘sage-warriors’ once again; that you courageously introduce the fifth dimension into a failing world . . . the dimension where all life is equally sacred; every creature shares all of the resources . . . and the interrelations of all life, serves all life without question.

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