Forgive It All + Pass It Forward

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Time is a memory bank -- it holds the moments that’ve passed, and the ones not yet here. The present is created by the moments chosen with or without consciousness . . . any moment can become now. The only question is, are you going to live in the past, or move life into the future? Those designing a world of massive restrictions are living in the past, and when this becomes systemic, there is no future . . . all systems of service begin to collapse . . . including nature. Today we have this reversal within many powerful nations, these reversals are connected through layers, they then make the past more compelling than the future . . . time moves backward. When time moves backward for too long, all systems of time stop serving life . . . life runs out of time.

Everyone's heard the saying, "Time is money." Money is an energy that's directed by the passage of time. When time moves backward, money jams up into hoards -- it stops serving life -- it begins being used to avoid, or cause death . . . war becomes commonplace. This is the sole result of hoarding and controlling. Money was meant to be like the breath -- available when life needed to inhale. When time runs backward -- people begin to suffocate -- money is no longer an objective servant, it's an object of worship. Under this spell of worshipping money, nothing is served . . . the greediest claim a massive amount . . . the majority receive mere scraps. This is the world today in a disaster of time running in reverse . . . the physical and mental worlds have lost 'vitality' . . . they’re collapsing with emotional debris. In the physical world it’s stagnation and disease; in the psycho-emotional world it’s fear, rage, and depression . . . all are pandemic right now.

Our prayer is that you break into the bank of time; take hold of the big clock and reverse its hands, and begin time moving forward again. You’ll have to give it forward -- or forgive, as it's commonly known -- and for this you must have the courage of forever . . . the largest measure of time’s possibilities. Go ahead -- take the courage -- break into time -- forgive it all -- now pass it forward . . . tag you're it.

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