From Higher Dimensions

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It’s in the higher dimensions of life’s possibilities, the realms you’ve known in star-systems beyond the horizons of this universe, ones that contain answers to the challenges this Earth faces in this moment, this is where you understand your immortal authority.

The current disastrous ecology, disgraceful economics, unrepresentative politics, unrealistic religious intolerances, and disrespectful cultural attitudes are the simple indicators of a sublimation that faces life here on Earth. These attitudes are clearly insulting . . . led by leaders who are scared little children, snarling from positions of complete ignorance, embarrassed to admit they haven’t a clue. Identical to the antics of children afraid to learn, because it admits they don’t already know -- if you spend any psycho-emotional energy being disgusted, you're completely missing the point and purpose of your life. From higher dimensions you've saved many planets in lifetimes you don’t completely remember . . . some in worse shape than Earth. The last of your incarnations have been on these assignments around the multiverse, and the characters being played by the current leaders on Earth, are like the thousands of characters you’ve faced many times before. When you don’t separate from these characters acting badly, but unite with their pain, you acknowledge the connection that exists -- this trains them to do the same. With this union (original meaning of yoga), you engage your brain’s lucid, theta state; your body relaxes into ease; your efforts become effortless, and your emotions transform into devotions. You recall the unimaginable ways you’ve succeeded before . . . the previous incarnations come back to this time with super powers . . . your immortal authority.

Our prayer is that you step away from all linear thinking . . . stand outside your normal stance; change your education to raise the new future that performs magic beyond logic. Remember you’ve done this before, so walk as if you can, and step into those spaces that are not yet occupied, then access the solutions that don’t yet exist . . . you'll need to believe that you own them, then own the need to share them.

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