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You create the fourth dimension of time out of your experience of three dimensions through the filters and sensations that register in memory. This memory then experiences the next moment and the next. To pass through moments clearly and without any distortion is known as 'crystal consciousness'. The word was ‘Khrysthal’ in the ancient Aramaic of Biblical times. This is where the word ‘Khryst’ -- now spelled Christ -- comes from.

This is Christ consciousness; this is Krishna consciousness; this is what Buddha’s consciousness is . . . the enlightened and awakened birthright of every human life. This awareness is absolutely crystal clear; it carries no memory, or filters . . . it holds intuition as its guiding force, and relies on filter/memory free views of each moment to detect the undefined, undescribed accuracy of the moment. This is what pure faith is . . . it enters every moment without memory -- relying on the intuition to construct a reality of what is in the moment. As you contemplate this ‘Khryst’ -- the master within you, that’s always been with you -- just realize that the only time you can relate to this is when you have the faith. Sometimes put your two hands over your heart and breathe consciously, without being the breather . . . close your eyes and go inside . . . find the Christ, that is you, the “I am” that has been there forever. This will give you confidence in the midst of the turbulence of the tyrants that are scavenging the Earth . . . lost and afraid in this very moment. They're waiting for you to lead the way out of their chaos and corruption. Doubt is the only contagious disease that stops this ability and replaces it with the distorting filters and memories that are relied upon to feel safe. But this safety is the most dangerous place to live . . . it’s ultimately lost in three dimensional darkness. This is the current disease of doubt.

Our prayer is that you are that Khrysthal consciousness . . . you are that Christ, and that you realize this without exclusivity, but include everyone in this same capacity of doubt-free awareness. This creates the ‘tyrant-free’ future that’s in you . . . it’s in every one of you.

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