The Leverage That Allows Evolution

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Newton’s third law of motion – “every action has an equal and opposite reaction” -- is a law that governs all physical matter above the level of the quantum. This has allowed evolution to persist throughout time, and for unwanted dominance to give way to wiser moments. Within the boundaries of this universal law, there’s a comforting fact that has repeated throughout history: tyrants inspire urgency; tyrants inspire genius; tyrants inspire a collective enthusiasm, and all of this combines to ultimately overthrow the dominance of tyrants for wiser ideas.

This is the pendulum swinging; the tipping point tipping; the leverage that allows evolution to not only survive . . . but to thrive. And we’re all aware of the fact that tyrants are in the house right now. For this reason it’s now time for you to get in touch with your initial mission of existence, and to find the inner permit for this mission. Combine these two words -- permit and mission -- and you get the ‘permission’ you need . . . you were born with. You came here to express your genius, and to express the value contained in your inspiration. Valuable is what you represent in every breath . . . called presence, it’s not what you live to achieve . . . it’s what you already are. This is yours to insist upon; this is what the equal and opposite pushes up against. Tyrants are on the loose and your sense of urgency is sensing this. Allow genius to answer this call of urgency; go into the depth of your meditations and discover the inspiration . . . you’re in the middle of creation at its best. Creation is the impulse of the Universe -- a constant forward motion correcting every imbalance. Today, human life hangs in the balance of your ability to access your genius, and inspiration. This is what you’re experiencing every day right now.

Our prayer is that you make it a priority to find your impulse in all these nasty tyrannical moments; plant seeds with your presence in the shit that you witness; remain united with the true value of your ideas and your ideals, and turn your heart toward your extraordinary story with you as the hero. Tag -- you’re it -- go answer the call.

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